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current projects:

A Ghost Story (webcomic) – long-form horror/comedy driven by a cast of extremely troubled characters who work as unlicensed “paranormal exterminators” in a world where ghosts are a fact of life. Updates Wed. and Sat. Started July 2013. Continues until it’s done.  supported entirely by readers.



“The Hand that Bleeds you” p. 64

“The Hand that Bleeds you” p. 65

“The Hand that Bleeds You” p. 66


“In the Black” (re-draw) p. 35

“In the Black” (re-draw) p. 35-1
“In the Black” (re-draw) p. 36

“In The Black” (re-draw) – A complete re-haul of the first chapter of A Ghost Story to be fit for print. Literally. If printed now it would be one big ink blotch because of the poor contrast. Live and learn, huh? Currently only available through Patreon. Mass release soon.


shitty garbage“- a .pdf of bad movie reviews. that is, they’re are reviews of bad movies. not poor quality movie reviews. i guess it depends on your taste. sold for $5 and updates for free when i get around to it. currently on its 4th edition.

sampler #1
sampler #2
sampler #3

assorted gallery:

most of these are doodles, some aren’t.