“ah fuck. i can’t believe you’ve done this.”

paul wheedon

“noooooo!!” i can hear the people of earth scream in unison. “not another fucking fromsoft lore guy! please god!! strike this motherfucker dead before they start talking!!”

unfortunately, i too suffer from the unique strain of disease apparently induced by playing a fromsoftware video game. there is something about these games that drives us, the players, absolutely bugfuck insane. fromsoft’s idiosyncratic way of delivering its plot, ideas, and themes to the audiences flips a switch in anyone who delights in being presented a truly inexplicable mystery to be untangled. playing “dark souls” (2011) made me feel the same way i did as a child trying to make sense of the unsettling, eerie, dead world of “myst” (1993). or feeling like i was truly, truly on my own in the hostile, foreign world of “morrowind” (2002). it scratched the itch i had been chasing since first playing “shadow of the colossus” (2005) as a teen; i was given no direction except to go forth and was expected to carve out a path on my own.

what a fucking breath of fresh air to be given a gaming experience by a group of devs who don’t assume that you’re a total idiot! by the time i finally played it, the first “dark souls” game was really showing its age visually, but it gripped me in a way no other video game has managed to. and so has every fromsoft game since.

this disease has some downsides. symptoms include making tenuous connections between fiction and reality, fundamental misunderstandings of the mechanics of storytelling and/or video game coding, and incessant babbling in word salad sentences like “the lake of mud is real and you can kill a secret moon presence there”. “bloodborne” presents the least straightforward plot and so, consequently, it draws out the most outlandish and wild speculation to explain away its strangeness. many suffering from this syndrome will try to compile their thoughts and theories in vain attempts to make sense of the senseless. to the outside observer, these diatribes look like the ravings of complete madmen, lost in the sauce of “lore”. the origin of using the word “lore” as a tongue-in-cheek joke about overthinking/analyzing individual elements of a story comes from these observable behaviors. we know. we’re sorry.

in order to cope with this dreadful hunter’s curse, i will be writing all this shit down in a permanent location, laid out as straight forwardly as possible, in the hopes that my attempts at explanations will be entertaining to both fellow bloodborne lore psychos and people i affectionately call “fandom rubberneckers”. i understand you. i too trawl wikis of franchises and entertainment i have no intention of playing or experiencing firsthand.

but much like how you need to first make the universe in order to make an apple pie, we must first understand the entire, sordid history of yharnam before we can even begin to try to figure out what that little scamp, the hunter, was up to.

though i do this out of a love of the game, mystery, and a simple love of being right online, this has proven to be a huge effort. any support in the form of sharing this with your bloodborne loving friends or a little tip for my trouble would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. foreword: explaining the fromsoft game design ethos and the perils of taking shit too seriously
  2. common misconceptions
  3. history of yharnam:
        1. history of yharnam part 1: the founding of pthumeru, cainhurst and the labyrinth, the discovery by byrgenwerth
        2. author’s note: regarding cultural influences
        3. history of yharnam part 2: the old hunters, the fishing hamlet, and caryll’s runes
        4. history of yharnam part 3: research hall, maria, and gehrman
        5. history of yharnam part 4: the raid on castle cainhurst, logarius, and ludwig
        6. history of yharnam part 5: lower pthumeru, rom, and the bloodletting beast
        7. history of yharnam part 6: the choir, kin, and ebrietas
        8. history of yharnam part 7: the school of mensis, ailing loran, and yahar’gul
        9. INTERMISSION: is ebrietas the source of the healing church blood?
        10. history of yharnam part 8: silver, black, and white
        11. history of yharnam part 9: laurence, djura, and brador
        12. history of yharnam part 10: the night unfurls
  4. contemporary yharnam history (wip)
    1. the hunter’s dream
    2. cleric beast
    3. the hunter
    4. INTERMISSION: cleanin’ up central yharnam and oedon chapel
    5. blood-starved beast
    6. terror/pthumeru
    7. watchers/more pthumeru
    8. hail the nightmare
    9. darkbeast
    10. the witch of hemwick
    11. amygdala
    12. rom, the vacuous spider
    13. moonlit melody
    14. false god hymn
    15. the one reborn
    16. micolash
    17. of the pthumerian line
    18. queen of vilebloods
    19. soothing hymn
    20. celestial emmissary
    21. ebrietas, daughter of the cosmos
    22. lullaby for mergo
    23. the first hunter
    24. moon presence
    25. ludwig, the accursed/ludwig, the holy blade
    26. living failures
    27. lady maria of the astral clocktower
    28. orphan of kos
  5. appendix
    1. significant colors in bloodborne
    2. iceberg posts:
      1. justifying my bloodborne iceberg part 1
      2. justifying my bloodborne iceberg part 2
      3. justifying my bloodborne iceberg part 3



if you find anything that’s egregiously wrong please send me a little email or something so i can become more sick by thinking about it.